(Picture: Dante Ferraro, Ha Pham, Tom Ruthz)

Dante Ferraro

Dante was born in New Jersey in ’75. His mother, being an art teacher, began teaching him at the very young age of 2 years old. He relocated to Sarasota, Florida in ’91.  After graduating high school, he worked with Disney as an apprentice and local artists learning new skills and techniques. His heart is in realism, expressionistic, marine-life, as well as fantasy (dragons, mermaids and other mythical creatures).

Other talents are woodcarving, sculpturing, portraits and custom artwork in and on classic automobiles and surfboards. His work is displayed around the country and can be seen in several local galleries, business/school murals and he has donated many paintings for charity auctions to raise money for special-needs children around the world. CLICK HERE FOR DANTE'S GALLERY

Tom Ruthz 

Tom Ruthz is a Brazilian artist originally from Rio de Janeiro. Ruthz began his career as a painter focusing primarily in fine arts. He is also well-known for portrait work, and his paintings of horses have been well-received in the art community. Most recently, he has created several phenomenal contemporary pieces.

Although he has never received formal training, Ruthz has been painting professionally since 1995. Throughout his career, he has received many awards at various competitions in Brazil, Italy, and other countries.

Ruthz relocated to the Brazilian capital city of Sao Paolo in 1994 where he initiated his career as a plastic artist.  He taught painting and drawing for many years at various art galleries in Sao Paolo, including in his own studio. He also taught courses and workshops in the cities of Salvador (Bahia Brazil), Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Miami, and Sarasota.  While living in Amsterdam, Ruthz showcased his work in the Netherlands, Germany, England, France, and other European countries.

Ha Pham

Ha Pham is an artist of Vietnamese origin, currently living in Sarasota, Florida. Ever since she was little, she was seen with a sketch book in hand, attempting to recreate what she saw in life. Her work is a combination of abstract shapes of vibrant burst of colors in the background with more refined brushstrokes in the foreground. She leans toward the sensual part of human nature expressed through bold brush strokes, colors, and textures. Although she never had formal training, she studied portraiture with a local portrait artist, Jon Greely, where she learned to work with forms, lights and shadows. Subsequently, she went to study with Charles Miano at the Southern Atelier in an informal studio setting, and then with Romel de la Torre and Kevin Beilfuss. She works with all type of mediums, although Oils and charcoal remain my favorite, but often time combine more than one medium in one painting to get the desire look. In 2012, she was awarded The Most Promising Young Artist award at Towles Court art show. Ha continues to exhibit her work throughout Sarasota with most recent ones at the Players Theater in November 2016 and at Urbanite Theater and Barbosso currently.

Karen Chandler

I studied oil painting for five years at the Stevenson Academy of Traditional Painting in Sea Cliff, New York and afterward at the New York School of Visual Arts (design) and New York Institute of Technology (photography). I have been painting in oils for over 25 years. Over time I have added in computer, acrylic and photography. Now it all blends in together to create images that touch an emotional chord.

I have been affiliated with the NASA Space Art Program and the United States Air Force Art Program since 1990. My work is in the permanent collections at the Galaxy Art Gallery, the Kennedy Space Center and the Air Force Art Collection. My paintings are currently hanging at the Pentagon and the National Aviation Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio.

I have been a member of the Society of Illustrators in New York since 1989. My illustrations have appeared regularly for most of the major publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Bantam Books, Random House and many others. My work is on the covers of several popular series, by authors such as R.L. Stein, Agatha Christie and Victoria Thompson’s New York-based historical mysteries.

Eric Kagin

From Louisville, Kentucky. Self taught. Specialized in Murals, Faux Finish and decorative art for 26 years. Work has decorated 5 star restaurants, designer's show homes, Homearama, Colonel Sanders House, Professional Office Towers, private residences. Has done professional illustration for a variety of publications. Is extremely versatile painting in styles from Realism to abstract to classic impressionism and palette knife.
Is also ridiculously good looking and funny

Daniel Rankin

Daniel Rankin is a 6th generation Florida native. Born and raised in the Sarasota area, he is a second generation Firefighter and 20 year veteran Fire Captain. Often refered to as "The Renaissance Man", Rankin is amongst other things, an artist, musician, and chef. His artistic areas of interest include painting, sculpting, music, Costume Design, Prop Design, Film Making, writing, and Culinary Arts. Although he describes himself as being an "artistic chameleon, fully capeable of adapting to the demands of any project", he attributes having worked in such a wide range of medium as the catylist for enabling him to develop his own style. Rankin defines his style as a "spontaneous inner-reflective perspective emerging from the dynamic of the moment". His style enables him to strikingly capture the immediate reality as it is translated into a new dimension.

The basis of his artistic creations is deep rooted in a life-long fascination with not only visual elements, but through all the senses.

Cassie Kerns

Cassie Kerns, also known as Cassinova, was born in Valparaiso, Indiana, and recently moved to Sarasota from Indianapolis to start a new chapter of her life. Cassie works predominantly in the medium of painting but loves to experiment and explore with all other art mediums to create super realistic or abstract art, such as photography, mixed media, collage, writing, sculpture, and functional art. Cassie completed a BFA in photography, from the University of Connecticut in 2010, while playing college basketball for the prestigious UCONN Huskies. Her artwork is her vehicle to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are often too difficult to put into words. Her purpose is to bare her heart and soul to the world, in order to balance the internal with the external, making in congruencies congruent. She wants to give the viewer permission to be real. 

Cassie has had work on display in shows all around Indianapolis, such as: "Flight of Fancy" at Indiana Landmarks Rapp Family Gallery, "Tiny V" at Gallery 924, "RAW: naturally born artist". Solo exhibitions including "Perfectly Imperfect" and "Picking up the Pieces". Her work is the cover for Solitary Walks: vol III, by Brian Bex, which can be found amongst college curriculums. 


Cassie also travels the country, working as a freelance model, posing for print, walking the runway, or creating artistic images with creative photographers. 


She currently lives and works as an artist and published model in Sarasota, Florida. CLICK HERE FOR CASSIE'S GALLERY