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Charlotte Jordan

Charlotte's Bio

Charlotte Jordan was born in Michigan and raised in Florida USA and England.  She now lives in Sarasota Florida.

Charlotte’s interest in art began at a young age. Her winning flag design was selected to represent the world rowing championships in Sarasota in 2017. She began painting live at a local restaurant after completing an intensive illustration and fine art course at the Ringling School of Art & Design, and today her work is currently on display in a downtown fine art gallery. Charlotte teaches art classes in person as well as through a variety of online platforms.

Charlotte’s art is unique, although easily recognizable by highly detailed and imaginative effects, that combine her love of animals with a surreal or fantastical element to create unexpected and one-of-a-kind images.

Charlotte is inspired by the natural world’s beauty, her English background, and life’s sometimes sinister aspects. Charlotte’s color palette is rich, and her artistic material is beautiful, surreal, and occasionally amusing, proving that she is not overly influenced by any one style. Her artistic expression is fluid and ever-changing.

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