Welcome to Cafe BarBosso, we are a humble little Peasant Italian place. Our restaurant is named after
Frank “Frankie Bumps” BarBosso a nice Italian guy from Little Italy in NYC. Join us for a culinary
adventure – everything on the menu is astonishing, what isn’t is superb.


Victoria Bradley, Whirl Magazine

Admittedly, he looks more like a rock star than a chef, but his cooking is the equivalent of Jimi Hendrix headlining Woodstock 1969.

Frankie Bumps, Da Bronx

I ate like I was going to Jail. Well..., I have to go next week.

Robert Tolf, Sun Sentinel

DiMaggio’s a grand slam from appetizer to dessert 4 Stars.

Jacque Gourmand, Naples Daily News

After one bite, I tried to figure out a way to make it last forever, this place is hot!

Brigitte Manning, Catering to the In-Crowd

Now I know why the Stars have been flocking to this place, they love the Affable & Talented Chef, Joe DiMaggio, Jr.

John Mariani, Esquire Magazine

Chef Joe’s experience in cooking is as solid as his namesake’s was in Baseball.

We Will Be




Happy 2020!

Avoid Waiting! Please call (941) 922-7999 to make your reservation

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