Welcome to Cafe BarBosso, we are a humble little Peasant Italian place. Our restaurant is named after
Frank “Frankie Bumps” BarBosso a nice Italian guy from Little Italy in NYC. Join us for a culinary
adventure – everything on the menu is astonishing, what isn’t is superb.



Victoria Bradley, Whirl Magazine

Admittedly, he looks more like a rock star than a chef, but his cooking is the equivalent of Jimi Hendrix headlining Woodstock 1969.

Frankie Bumps, Da Bronx

I ate like I was going to Jail. Well..., I have to go next week.

Robert Tolf, Sun Sentinel

DiMaggio’s a grand slam from appetizer to dessert 4 Stars.

Jacque Gourmand, Naples Daily News

After one bite, I tried to figure out a way to make it last forever, this place is hot!

Brigitte Manning, Catering to the In-Crowd

Now I know why the Stars have been flocking to this place, they love the Affable & Talented Chef, Joe DiMaggio, Jr.

John Mariani, Esquire Magazine

Chef Joe’s experience in cooking is as solid as his namesake’s was in Baseball.

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